10 Secrets to Help Better Your Sex Life

If you and your partner are getting bored of the same old thing in bed, don’t worry, it happens to everyone! To help you and your partner out, here are the top 10 secrets that will help better your sex life!

1. Have a one-on-one talk with your partner.
It is always good to clear the air before you try to fix anything on your own. Sit down with your partner and have a conversation about what is going on, what they might be interested in trying, and if you are both ready to adventure something new and exciting!

2. Learn about “it”!
You can never go wrong with learning a little something new. You should both take the time to read up on some sex facts, you may learn something new about each other. Figure out your partner’s fantasies, expectations, and their likes and dislikes so that you know exactly what they are looking for.

3. Play some games!
Plan some alone time for you and your partner and set up a date night, with different activities. There are more than enough sex games in the world for you and your partner to experiment with. There are card games, dice games, sexy truth or dares, and even board games to help you and your lover get in the mood.

4. Try new positions.
It is so important that you switch things up in the bedroom, over time the positions can get boring and repetitive. What fun is sex if your partner knows exactly what’s coming every single time? To find new positions there are great books, websites, and adult stores that provide furniture and accessories that can help you with this.

5. Do some shopping!
Go online or find a sex shop near you to browse and brainstorm together! Who knows, maybe your partner will enjoy some toys to spice things up! Not only this but there are some great lubes, lingerie sets, candles, and movies to get the party started. You could also try going in alone, and finding something you know your partner will love, and give them a great surprise when they come home.

Nothing is sexier than a partner that knows (or appears to know) what they are doing. If you are confident in the way you look and move, you are going to absolutely blow your partner’s mind. When you are insecure about your body and nervous about what you are doing, do not forget that no one is perfect! Get something that you find sexy and use or wear it when you and your partner are alone, that you know you look good and feel even better.

7. Get out of the house.
Plan a sexy vacation or a night in a hotel. We are talking flower petals on the floor, candles around the bathtub, chocolates, a bottle of wine, music, and every other cliche thing about romance that you have ever heard, read about or seen on television. Changing the scenery up a little bit can get everyone excited. You could plan plenty of couples activities while you are out, like massages, a couples sex class, or yoga to reconnect!

8. Exercise…
You are probably thinking, “isn’t sex exercise enough?” Yes and no. Certain stretches and exercises are very useful for numerous things. After sticking to an exercise plan you not only will feel good about yourself, but you will reduce your stress levels allowing you to get in the mood more easily. Exercise can get the blood flowing in all the right places, and there is nothing better than feeling accomplished afterward.

9. Just do it!
If your partner has begged for you to try something new, just do it! Don’t be nervous or scared, just let it happen! If you give in to whatever it may be that your partner wants to try they will become more excited about the experience. You may like it simply because your partner enjoys it. So the next time they ask, try that new position, that crazy looking toy, or that new lube they are eager to try. It will add some change to your normal routine, which is what needs to be done!

10. Never give up!
There are plenty of options to help you spice it up, never give up! Try something new each time, leave sexy notes or pictures around the house, anything you can think of to get you and your partner excited, but never stop trying.